Yoshirt x Nicole Kim, pt. 2
Jun 17
Close-up on the details of Nicole's Yoshirt

Yoshirt x Nicole Kim, pt. 2

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Remember Nicole Kim of Hours, Minutes, Seconds? A couple weeks ago we invited her to Yoshirt HQ and had her style a few shirts our graphics team designed. The first one we posted was such a hit! She was absolutely in love with the vibrant colors of the mountain range pattern.

In this post, she's wearing a data mosh palm tree print shirt (the sleeves rolled up for extra attitude) with a tutu she "ripped out from an old dress found at a thrift store," brought together by a vintage Salvatore Ferragamo leather belt. The mesh added interesting texture to her outfit as you were able to see the shirt through the tutu.

It's also amazing just how hair is a big part of an outfit--with her hair tied in two buns, she looked like a babydoll. Until you got to her shoes--those platform boots were her current favorite and it added the right amount of edge to the otherwise super soft, super cute palette.

Got any style posts in your Yoshirt of your own? We want to see what you put together with your custom apparel! Snap a photo, tag us on Instagram, hashtag it with #yoshirt for a feature!