Speaker Fridays: Jon Jay Steve Sims
Jun 08
Portrait of Founders Ben and BG

Speaker Fridays: Jon Jay Steve Sims

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A little inspiration goes a long way and with that in mind the Yoshirt founders kicked off a speaker series last Friday~

Jon Jay (outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, who actually came by before the game against the Dodgers!) and Steve Sims (founder of The Blue Fish) were both invited to Yoshirt HQ to share their experiences and process of growth + success. For those who aren't familiar, Jon Jay made his MLB debut in 2010 with the Cardinals and the team went onto win the World Seires in 2011. The Blue Fish is a luxury concierge service and Steve Sims, who is in the currency of smiles, is the man who can get Andre Bocelli to surprise you in serenade during a private dinner at the Galleria del'Accademia in front of Michelangelo's David. (Really though, he can make it all happen!)

Stories of adjusting to the dynamics of a fast-growing team who's streamlining to success, to the attitude of an entrepreneurial mind, both men let us in on a little of themselves.

Founders Ben Williamson and Brian Garofalow also took the floor to thank everyone for their work and efforts to make the Yoshirt experience a better one.

From both Jon Jay's and Steve Sims' accounts, everything comes down to hard work, humilit and respect--three things we hope to never forsake on our own journey.