Speaker Fridays: Jesse Elder
Jun 15
Founder Ben Williamson with guest speaker Jesse Elder

Speaker Fridays: Jesse Elder

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Last Friday, founder Ben Williamson invited his good friend Jesse Elder to speak to the Yoshirt team for the second installment of the Yoshirt Speaker series.

Jesse Elder is a motivational speaker, who shares his journey of self-mastery, and a martial artist, introduced to us by Ben as "the real life Tyler Durden" of Fight Club.

Though we weren't quite sure what to make of that introduction, it was really sweet seeing him play with our office dog, Leila.

An animated and passionate speaker, Jesse talked about relinquishing your fears and shedding your need for approval from others. True happiness comes from within ourselves and only we are responsible for our own reactions from outside influences. Through his talk, we were reminded of the personal empowerment that lives in the core of each of us and that we, as a team, are responsible for the success and setbacks we face as a growing company.