Speaker Fridays: Jeff Sampson
Jun 22
CEO Ben Williamson and Jeff Sampson

Speaker Fridays: Jeff Sampson

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Jeff Sampson, who is Group Senior Vice President of Learning and Development at Fast Retailing, came by Yoshirt HQ for the third installment of our Speaker Fridays series last week. He gave us pointers and tips to better retail sales; the number one thing that works every time is to sell things you're passionate about!

He shared with us his near-death experience, the experience of losing his best friend and how both influenced his belief in living life to the fullest and doing what you love.

He encouraged everyone to do things that challenge us and if something isn't working, always move on to the next thing. Complacency is a hindrance and "if you let go of something that's not working for you, the universe will reward you."

He also reminded us that we are all here because we deserve to be and that any self-doubt should be abolished because someone chose for us to be here. Someone believed in the work we do and the experiences we've gained, saw that we all had something great to contribute. It's easy to forget your worth, especially when caught in the whirlwind of a fast-growing company, but the speaker series has been very empowering and educational, and we take this time to thank our founders for putting this weekly gift together for us!