Red, White & Blue
Jul 06
A still pulled from the stop motion video to put on a shirt

Red, White & Blue

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It was America's birthday this past weekend and we here at Yoshirt hope you spent it with amazing company, fireworks and BBQs a-plenty!

We also wanted to show you all the many different, and creative, ways you can design your custom shirt with this quick stop motion video.

Here you see Samantha, who is our Art Lead, laying down all the components of the video on the folded shirt. After creating the video, we pieced together a design for the shirt on a blank white board to photograph. Samantha then pulled the image into Photoshop and worked her design magic et voilà!

The tank with the cut-out star stripes were pieces left over from punching out the shapes, which we thought would make for a cool custom design as well.

This is just one of the many examples we'll be providing--things are about to get real crafty at Yoshirt HQ!

Got any ideas of your own to put on your custom apparel? We'd love to see them all! Snap a photo, upload on Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #Yoshirt so we don't miss it! :)