MTC: The Dude Who Created the App
Jun 08
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MTC: The Dude Who Created the App

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In more ways than one, our app is the product of a perfect marriage between the creative freedom that inspired the idea and the technology that made it into a real, tangible thing. Not surprisingly, Yoshirt HQ is where the two elements come together in beautiful synergy. We’re full of creative and technical masterminds that strive to make the experience better than the last update so that you, our amazing supporters, lose yourself in the fun of creating something unique for yourself. For friends. For family–whoever!

To celebrate our site launch, we wanted to give you a look into the people behind the magic of easy custom apparel with our weekly feature series. All in our own Yoshirts, of course.

This week you meet the cool dude with mad hops, in his own words:

Name: Franky
Role at Yoshirt: Master Mind Creative, Founder
Favorite hobbies/pasttime: Being an artist, my hobbies always included drawing and animation. I’ve always been creative and love learning new things, it’s my reason for being and I take any chance I have to create something new. Ball point illustration is by far my favorite art medium. At this current moment in time, my side projects are game development and artwork. For me, they act as hobbies since they help me stay creative, engage in problem solving, and see a finished product that I can watch people interact with.
What visually attracts you the most?: I like to surround myself with texture, anything from organized sequences of shape or color to random and repetitive grunge. Every composition in life is made up of organized patterns of matter and to me that is beauty.